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Incentives of joining LeadingForum 

You get a chance to be seen by a audience wanting to join a forum. We get over 1,000+ hits per day and the best part its FREE. The more votes you get on your profile the higher you go up on the list. Votes are reset at the first of every month and guests can vote every 24-hours.

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You get Free features to help drive Traffic to your starting Forum. One really neat and awesome feature is Free social media advertising. When you sign up and get approved your forum information automatically gets tweeted to our Twitter page which has 1,000+ followers.

A cool incentive to joining LeadingForum.com today would be having the ability to refer people with our Referal program located in your User Control Panel "Link Code". The more views you recieve from that link. The higher you go on the toplist.

Premium membership incentives 

Your Forum is automatically given 2,500 votes for the entire month. Placing you ahead of the curve in your Forum category. Your forum also joins the "Premium Members" side bar. And the "Our favorite Forums" section in the footer portion of the website. Which can increase your forum traffic from LeadingForum.com dramatically.

You have access to premium features. One example is having access to the Banner upload section in the user control panel. Instead of having to upload a regular banner. The size of 125X125 you can now use 250X250.

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    Leadingforum.com is known to be the toplist concerning forum communities. It lists all forums that are submitted and internet users are able to access the forum, give feedback and even vote for the best forum. Forums with more votes are ranked first. More votes is an indication of good quality of the information obtained from the forum.

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