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While there are a large number of forums online in different languages, on different niches, it is difficult for an internet user to find out a forum in a particular niche, whether it is active, and being updated regularly and how useful it is likely to be. To overcome this problem the website leadingforum.com has been developed which provides a toplist of forums in different categories based on their popularity. The website has over thousand visitors daily and they vote on the forums listed on the website depending on their opinion of the forum. This article provides information to both users and forum owners on How to use leadingforum.com to find useful forums, and to promote their existing forum.

Often there are some useful forums which are not ranked well in search engines like google because they are not well promoted or are subjected to negative seo, so internet users searching for a forum cannot find the forum. However leadingforum.com will list any forum which is submitted, so the internet user can easily find a forum of his choice. There are a large variety of forums listed like top android OS, Apple OS, Music, programming, seo and marketing forums to cater to the requirement of a large variety of visitors looking for a forum of their choice. The visitor has to click on the category of his or her choice and the forums will be listed.

Visitors at leadingforum.com can check out the forums listed and give their feedback on the quality of the website in the form of a vote , no registration is required for voting. Each visitor can vote once in 24 hours. The votes are an important indication of the quality of the forums listed, and the home page, will list the forums, according to their popularity with the forum getting the most votes being ranked first. The popularity of the forum is changing over a period of time, and taking this into account, the votes for each forum are reset in the beginning of the month, so that new forums also have the opportunity to rank well as they are launched. 

The website leadingforum.com also offers forum owners an excellent opportunity to promote their new websites and get new visitors, members. One of the most difficult aspects of owning a forum is getting new members and the leading forum allows forum owners to advertise their website for free and get new members without investing any money. The forum owners can submit their forum at leadingforum.com after registering at leadingforum.com creating an account and providing details like the url , title and description of the forum,email, solving the captcha. In addition to getting free visitors, listing in the forum directory will also help in getting back links for seo purposes.

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    Leadingforum.com is known to be the toplist concerning forum communities. It lists all forums that are submitted and internet users are able to access the forum, give feedback and even vote for the best forum. Forums with more votes are ranked first. More votes is an indication of good quality of the information obtained from the forum.

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