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Why Forums are relevant today.


to many years ago, there was one of the very first forerunner of forums appeared. It is a Usenet Newsgroup which was
introduced among 1970s. The Usenet Newsgroups were among the most widespread Internet services at that time. It also have occupied
their noncomercial nature in contrast to the increasingly ad-laden web. Recently, this form of open discussion on the Internet has lost considerable ground to individually-operated browser-accessible forums and and the most popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter

How many people in the world using the internet?

According to the research of
Internet World Stats , there are about 3.885 billion of people using the
internet all over the world. Asia is the region use the internet most which
account for around a third of the amount of the world. By using in term of a profile , the people access to the forum is around 300 million a month which was measured by Comscore. The different statistics between the people using the internet and the user access the forum site is mostly due to the development of some social websites. Here is the time forum have to face with many problems and on the verge of losing user dramatically. Nowadays the spread of social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter has caused a competitive dynamic that has reduced overall time spent per session on forums, but this dynamic has also created an opportunity for forums to focus on their core strengths. 

Forums are the best site for many to many people have a discussion about the subject or fields of mutual interest. These were initially niche interests, but the accessibility to these topics has actually resulted in more people learning about these topics and that in turn keeps driving unique users to forum based stuffs. Unlike many current website, forum gives the people using a chances of both answering the question and sharing the content.

How to become a successful community board in forum ?

There are many forum communities which fits in your criteria of selection and provides the features of topics which is on your interest. By gathering people with the same interest , it can be a group of people you invited while the forum was still private and members-only, or a group of your friends, or even strangers who are a part of another community who have expressed interest in yours. Furthermore, using the right software you will able to manage your own web server and purchase/install forum software to run on it. Giving your community a purpose which shared cause among the members of the
forum means unity, which is going to result in a better community experience for newcomers.

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