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SEO For Beginners 2017 - How to Rank High In Google?



SEO For Beginners 2017 - How to Rank High In Google?

There are ways to do this:


1.Keyword research. This one is the most critical part. Targeting keyword with too many search results could mean your website won't be ranked at all. While if you aim for the keyword with no traffic at all, your hard work will be wasted. One of the best methods to get keyword ideas is by browsing Amazon marketplace and look for their hot-selling products. Then, aim to get top ranking in Google keywords with buy modifier. For example "Buy Nikon d40 18-55 mm lens digital camera". That would be much easier and possible to get ranked, compared to "digital camera" or perhaps Nikon.

2.Use Wordpress blog instead of regular HTML website. Wordpress is endorsed by many marketers and SEO experts. It is proven that getting high ranking using Wordpress is more comfortable and better than using standard HTML or site builder. Wordpress blog doesn't contain scripts that could affect your ranking and prevent bots from indexing your website.

3.Install great Wordpress plugin. You need to upload and activate the vital plugin from Wordpress sites. One of my favorites is Platinum SEO. This plugin allows me to insert meta description, title tag and meta keywords for each post and entire blog. The most important are blog title, post title, and description. If you have this plugin installed, make sure to add the keywords into these sections.

4.Keep your content updated and fresh. Google loves fresh content. Make sure to update your blog regularly and keep it relevant.

5.Don't forget to submit your blog and sitemap to Google. Log on to Google webmaster central, create a free account there, watch the video tutorials and follow the instructions. Remember that Google adds billions of web pages every day to their database to make their job easier by submitting both your domain and sitemap.

6.Promote your blog using article marketing. Of course, you can wait for Google to crawl your website and give good ranking to you. However, that would take lots of time. Plus, Google also counts the number of links to your site to provide the excellent ranking. Which is why I also recommend that you post articles to directories for additional traffic and inbound links.

7.Be patient. In most cases, search engine optimization process could take months, sometimes years to see good results.

A Quick Search Optimisation Guide Summed up

  • It's not possible to go into every detail regarding SEO best practice - not without completely losing your interest and bamboozling you with facts and stats - but there are a few basic principles you should know.
  • As you will no doubt be aware, search engines are the primary way web users find websites they are searching for, and the majority of them use Google - over 80 percent. When you transcribe a query into a search engine, you are presented with a list of natural 'organic' results and the paid listings along the top and the sides of the page.
  • As a website owner, you pay to be listed in the paid search results and you also pay every time your link is clicked on - if you are found high up in the organic listings, this is the result of ongoing SEO and the search engines do not charge if you appear here. So a key to a good search engine optimisation campaign is achieving high rankings using relevant keywords to your business - keyword analysis will be done at the start of a campaign and content tweaked to ensure an appropriate amount throughout the site.
  • A high ranking is not just about content. However - a website must have certain technical elements in place to be SEO friendly. This involves the way the site is built using search engine friendly techniques (for example limiting the use of flash-based content) but also ensuring it looks clean and professional.
  • If your website looks low budget, you will destroy that all-important first impression, and a user may quickly move on to a competitor. It may also harm your chances of gaining good quality links from other websites. A website with links from other reputable sites will ultimately achieve a better ranking in the search engines.

Search Engine Optimisation - Keep Learning!


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