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How To Install MyBB For Beginners



The MyBB Forum is a free forum software for websites. It allows you to manage conversations and accept queries from website users just like Discuss or any other forum that exists. In order for you to access MyBB in its entirety you are going to have to set up three things: an FTP client a web hosting site and of course the MyBB software. In this article we will go through the process step by step. For the purposes of this process we are going to be using x10hosing.com which is a free hosting site. You do have the option of using a paid web hosting site like GoDaddy but if this is your first time setting up MyBB it is highly recommended that you use the x10hosing so that you can follow along.
X10Hosting Setup:
1. Register as you would for any other site. The process is straightforward.
2. Clicking on the button cPanel will take you to your main dashboard. There you are going to click the green Add Website button. Give your website a name and click the Add Website button again.
3. When you return to your dashboard click on Databases. Go to Add Database. Fill in and confirm the database name. Go to the settings icon and click Manage Users. Under Manage Users Add New User to Database by creating a username and password. When the Update Privileges box comes up make sure that you Grant all Privileges before continuing.
4. Go back to My Websites on our dashboard and click on Continue to My Websites. Go to FTP Users and add one by creating a username and password.
FTP Client Setup:
1. Go to filezilla-project.org to download the client program. The file will be saved as a program that you must click to install.
2. Once the installation is complete open the program. Go back to FTP Users under My Websites and click Connection Guide. Here you will see all the information needed to complete the top bar of the FileZilla Client program. Fill in as necessary. Click Quick Connect and on the popup click the Always Trust box before continuing.
MyBB Setup:
1. Go to mybb.com and download the program file. Extract the contents of the zip file.
2. Once that is done open the file then the Uploads folder and select everything in it.
3. In your Filezilla program. under the second box on the right of that screen drag and drop the contents of the Uploads folder. Check to make sure that the Queued Files box is empty once the content uploads.
4. Go back to your hosting account and click the first empty box under My Websites. The MyBB installation setup screen will appear.

With that your MyBB software will be fully installed and you can begin facilitating discussions right away.

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