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Eternal - Here to Stay

Member Since: 2017-10-27 01:05:21 | Forum language: English

Eternal - Here to Stay

Eternal is a relatively small forum for discussion of various different topics. We are online to provide a place for users to meet, share ideas, and to entertain each other with said discussion. We support many different kinds of cultures and beliefs, and dont discriminate against other users. With a tight knit and friendly community, you as well as many others are more than welcome to join in our discussions and events. Made to be an everlasting forum, it exists as a place that wont go offline in the foreseeable future, or go sour due to being sold. Unique Features Previously Eternal was on a weekly feature schedule. Unfortunately, this was short lived, however, feature are always in development and released whenever said development has finished. Features such as... ... Theme customization. Users can customize the color of the theme to make it feel more like their own page. This is paired with a color manager, where colors are saved on a per-user basis, and you can always return to a previous color youve used, or delete colors you never use. Colors are also displayed on a users profile, and other users can use this color with a simple click. The user control panel also displays how many users are using a color youve created. ... Achievements. Users gain achievements via various on-board activities, giving them access to more features, such as the URL shortener, and the theme customization settings themselves. They arent extremely hard to obtain, and are granted by Eternal itself. Some of the achievements are Bulletin Board creating ten threads, New Poster creating ten posts, Age Old Owl having 2 weeks of online time, and a handful of others. ... a Security System that allows or disallows access on an IP-basis. Users can view recent login attempts, as well as the IP address and country of origin, and block account access from said IP should the password entered be correct to your account. Also in progress is two-factor authorization, as well as an IP-lock that will allow users to disallow logins from any IP other than their current IP as of enabling the feature users need not worry, however, as this can be disabled by contacting staff should they have dynamic IPs or otherwise, though proof of ownership of the account will be required. ... Username holding and history. Users that decide to switch aliases have their old username reserved for a month should they decide to switch back. During this time, nobody can sign up with the previous username, nor can other users claim the name. You are also given two username changes in a month, and can view the username history of other users on their profiles so you know who they are.

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